Final Major Project Proposal

Centre Name – Harlow College

Student Name – Katy Bird

Student Number – 11178177

Project Proposal Title – Final Major Project Proposal

Date – 20/04/16

Main Area of Activity – Music Photography

Progress and Achievement – So far for this project I have researched into job roles within different genres of photography and written up two detailed career profiles that I would consider going in to. I have also analysed a range of photography briefs that have been given to professional photographers to explain the details of photography jobs that they have been given, these included a shoot for a magazine and a brief for a wedding photographer, I then compared these two briefs and decided on how successful they are. I then completed a self reflection to identify the genres and careers that interested my, the creative and technical skills that I have and the requirements of my chosen proffesion.

Project Concept and Rationale – For my project I am going to take a set of six photographs that can be used for a bands album cover. To do this I am going to research into other album covers and get some inspiration to do my own, I am going to do these shoots in both the studio and in a location and I will experiment with different creative ideas to develop the best outcomes. I am doing this because I find that music photography is the most interesting genre of photography to me. I have previously done work with bands in my spare time and I find it the most enjoyable genre. I have also learned some new and creative techniques whilst doing music photography in my spare time so I believe my outcome will benefit due to my experience.

Evaluation and Review – I am doing this project at Level 3 and it is worth in total 30 credits,  It will be marked as either a pass, merit or distinction. This project counts as two units (unit 8 and unit 9). Unit 8 is focused on developing an art and design project, whilst unit 9 is assessing opportunities for progression in art and design. Hopefully, by the end of unit 8 I would have learned to understand the requirements of an art and design project, be able to complete an art and design project and to be able evaluate an art and design project, and  by the end of unit 9 I will learn to understand progression opportunities within art and design, understand communication skills for art and design and to understand presentation skills for art and design.

Bibliography – 

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Action Plan:

Week 1 (20/4-22/4) – Project Brief

Week 2 (26/4-29/4) – Research into other photographers and album covers

Week 3 (3/5-6/5) – Experimental Shoots

Week 4 (10/5-13/5) – Final Shoots

Week 5 (17/5-20/5) – Editing and Further Improvement

Week 6 (24/5-27/5) – Final Evalution


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