In our group, we had many ideas to show off shape using still life, we also explored shapes to their associations, for example, circular shapes could bring the theme of ‘infinity’ or ‘never ending’; this could be associated with ‘the circle of life’. Another example could be that a triangle shape could portray strength and balance.


Shape Shoot Plan:

For my shoot, I am going to use the studio. I will use simple props such as a bottle or a vase and use a light tent, the light will then shine through the translucent objects to make silhouettes and if multiple objects are used, it will give the effect of overlapping shapes.

The phrase I will be using to illustrate shape is ‘live in a room full of light.’ I have chosen this phrase in association with my shoot plan as it shows


Shape Shoot

Our task is to portray a quote or song lyric through the use of simple shapes. I chose the song title ‘Be(lie)ve’ by the band While She Sleeps.  I am going to do this by getting letter blocks of the different letter in the word believe and using shadows of the letter blocks to show shape. Here is an example of what I would like my work to turn out like:


Another idea I could use with this, is I could make the ‘lie’ in be(lie)ve stand out more than the rest of the letters.

For this shoot I would like to do it on a white background so the shadows stand out very clearly.

For this shoot I will need a white background and the writing blocks.