Say Something with Texture Shoot Plan

For my homework, I am going to shoot meals with interesting textures. Using my research from Linda Tubby, I will base my photography shoot on her style of work. My photographs will come out looking natural and homely as I will be using everyday objects around the food to make it look natural and in a home setting.

Using different meals I cook throughout the week, I will photograph them on a plate and show off the texture of the different foods. I will do this on the background of my table cloth and also have other props in the image too, for example, cutlery sauces or table decorations. These images can also show off texture and again give a warm homely atmosphere to my photography.


Say Something with Texture Research

Linda Tubby is a food photographer, writer and stylist. She traditionally uses bright lighting and plain backgrounds to bring out the colour and texture of the focal point. In the image below, Tubby uses a lot of texture. The pot of cream had a fluffy creamy texture, which gives the sense of comfort and pleasure, whilst the pie has a crisp and gooey texture, suggesting freshness and again, comfort. A lot of the food photography she creates, conveys the sense of comfort and they also have a homely feel. This can be very pleasurable for the audience as it creates a warm and appetising feel.


In this photograph, texture is also well used. For example, the texture of the plate used is 3d whist gives a homely feel to the image; it shows that this photograph is taken in a natural setting as opposed to a studio. The fork on the plate also suggests homeliness and home-made meals, which is again associated with warmth and homeliness. Furthermore, the food on the plate looks fresh and the textures are both crisp and spongy. This could provoke the emotions of comfort and pleasure.