Lines To Suggest Sensation



In this shoot of lines to show sensation, I used the lines in both man-made and natural objects to show the difference in sensation. From the shoot I learnt that the sensation in man-made objects are very constructed and artificial (perfect straight lines and circles). Whereas the sensation lines give in natural object and very random and do not have a specific structure.


Photographer Research:

Edward Burtynsky’s photography uses lines to create a sensation of man-made objects in a negative way, highlighting the dangers that humans have created on Earth.

In the photographs above, Burtynsky uses lines to show the sensation of what humans are doing to the environment. It makes the viewers feel guilty, even though his images are very appealing to the eye, the deeper meaning behind them puts a negative spin on them.

Lines are used very effectively in his work as they give his images a sense of direction and structure; this goes well with the meaning of his images because  they’re of structures as opposed to natural objects, which Burtynsky is trying to promote.

I am using his work as inspiration for my own work because I like his ideas and the use of lines are very creative and unique.



For my homework I am going to take photographs of building to show of the sensation of lines using structure. 


I believe that my homework shoot came out quite successfully, as I used lines effectively him the sensation of man-made objects in the environment.