Time & Movement Evaluation

For my final movie, I used both time lapse and stop motion to create an informational advert to discourage people from binge drinking. My target audience was students, and young adults who tend to drink more, as they are more vulnerable to the concept of alcohol.

The video was 90 seconds long with a total of 5 scenes. The first scene was a time lapse of a clock going round and also a stop motion of a bottle of alcohol getting more and more empty. Overall I believe this scene went very well as it showed the audience that a bottle of alcohol can be drunk in a very short space of time; this scene was to encourage the audience also to not drink a whole bottle of rum, or any alcohol all at once and so quickly. Furthermore, I believe that this message was very clear and there is an element of shock in this scene. However, if I were to improve this first scene, I would make sure the bottle of alcohol was in the same position for each shot to make it look a bit clearer, however, as the bottle I used had a massive label on it, it was somewhat difficult to show the drink looking more and more empty.

In the second scene, I used stop motion to show a person looking extremely drunk and ill, this scene lasted about 30 seconds, to show the dangers of drinking a lot of alcohol in a very small space of time. Again, I believe I got the message across very well, as it was clear that the person in the video was not having a good time, I chose to do this to show the audience the bad effects of binge drinking. I used 5 frames per second in this shoot, to show both the slow reaction times the person has and to show the audience the drastic effects of binge drinking and what it does to your body.

For the third scene, I used stop motion to further show the horrible effects of binge drinking; this scene was set in a bathroom, with the person looking into the mirror, whilst having blurred vision; this scene was set in a bathroom to show off one of the horrible places you could end up when being drunk, it was also to show that the person looking in the mirror is reflecting on their previous actions of drinking a vast amount of alcohol in a very short space of time. Overall, I believe this scene went very well as the blurred effect came out effectively without it seeming like it was accidental. However, if I could improve this scene I would make it more obvious that it was set in a bathroom, as it is not clear, due to the reflection in the mirror other than the person is not clear due to the blurriness of the frames.

In the forth scene, the character of my film is shown passed out on her bed with the room spinning around her and again, the character will be looking very ill and dizzy; this, I believe was the scene that came out the best because of the  effective that it will have on the audience, the character in my final movie looks very distressed and I believe that this will teach the viewers of my video not to binge drink and to be very careful when drinking.

In the final scene, there is a text bubble with the slogan ‘Binge drinking is not smart thinking’; this is also accompanied by some dramatic music playing in the background whilst, this scene goes on for about 20 seconds whilst the slogan merges into the background of my character still laying in bed, I believe this scene is also effective because it ties up  the points of my entire video. However, if I were to improve this scene, I could have somehow turned this scene into either a stop motion or a time lapse to show off further my skills.

Overall, I believe my final movie came out very well, I believe it shows off the desired message in an effective way, without being to disturbing. My aim was to get this message across to young people, and I believe the theme was very suitable and the way I presented it was suitable for young people, who are new to the experience of drinking. However, if I were to make this movie again, I would try and add more sounds to it, possible some music or a voice over, although this movie did put the point and idea across very well.




Final Movie

For my final movie I will be doing an informational advert to encourage people to cut down their drinking habits. I have chosen this topic to explore because I have never done anything like this before and I would like to try something new to photograph. In my past photography briefs I have only ever done creative shoots and I would like to try to do something informative instead. The target audience for my movie is going to be young adults, such as university students who tend to go out and drink alcohol, also those who are new to the concept of alcohol, for example, those who have just turned 18, or those who don’t have much experience with drinking.

In my video I am going to do both time lapse and stop motion to portray the dangers of excessive drinking. In the first part of my video there will be a stop motion of a bottle of drink quickly getting drunk and a time lapse of a clock showing how long the person has been drinking , this part of my movie will go on for about 10-20 seconds, there will be about 30 frames per second, ensuring that it is shown that a lot of alcohol has been consumed. The setting will be in a bedroom; which could show the dangers of binge drinking. The subject of my images will also be quite young, 18 or 19, again to show the target audience and to further the idea of the severity of the problem.

The second part of my video will be about the effects of alcohol on this person, in the stop motion you will clearly be able to tell that the subjects are very intoxicated. The overall point of the video will be to show the dangers of drinking excessively. To show this the images will be very blurred and fuzzy and the stop motion will show off how the person is seeing things. There will also be a scene in the bathroom where the subject is looking into the bathroom mirror and increasingly becoming more and more unwell. Although this time there will be less frames per second; this could suggest how dizzy and unreactive the drunk person is.



Video Research:

This is an example of an advertisement showing binge drinking awareness. In this video it shows off the bad affects of drinking too much alcohol. This has given me a few ideas for my own time lapse/stop motion video, as the main objective of the video is to show people the dangers of binge drinking which is exactly what this video does.


In the screenshot above, you can see that the girl has sick in her hair; this shows off the dangerous and disgusting effects of binge drinking. The message of this particular video is ‘You wouldn’t start a night like this so why end it that way?’. Just like the video above I want my time lapse/stop motion to show off the dangers. Although this video is about a very serious topic, it also has an undertone of humour, which again, I would like to include in my video as well. Overall, this video has inspired a few ideas that I would like to include in my video.

Photographer Research:

The images below were captured by Peter Dench. He created a photo-diary of Anglo-Celtic drunkenness. These photographs inspire my final movie because they document what really happens when people get drunk, it is more reliable than the advertisements because the images are from a photo-diary and the scenes are not staged. I believe that the concept has a humorous side to it, but the only problem is that the images don’t necessarily show off the bad effects of drinking, but the show off the funny side. These photographs however,  still has inspired me to be more creative when thinking of the effects that binge drinking can have on a person.



Technical Considerations:

  • In scene 1 there will be more frames per second to show the speed that the person is drinking and how fast time is going.
  • In scene 2 there will be less frames per second to so the drunk persons reactions and to ensure that the frames are quite blurred, fuzzy and slow moving.
  • In scene 3 there will also be less frames per second for the exact same reason as in scene 2.
  • Again, in scene 4 there will be not as many frames per second as there were in scene 1.
  • In the final scene, there will just be text shown on the screen, and then it will blur out and that will be the end of my final movie.


Storyboard: Image-Pack-final-movie-storyboard.png


Stop Motion

Definition – a filming technique in which the camera is stopped after every frame to allow the subject of the film to be adjusted for the following frame.


 This video is a stop motion of a stick man. I have chosen to discuss this particular video because it had a catchy title, ‘The Missing Stickman’ and I thought it was unique and different because when I think of stop motion animation, clay comes to mind so I wanted to experience different types of stop motion animation. From my research I have learnt that there are different materials you can use for stop motion animation, for example, in the video, a person, a computer screen and a draw stick man is used. The video is communicating a stick man that has gone missing from a computer screen, the story line is very clear and easy to follow, it is also very creative which makes it interesting to watch. Technically, the video is again successful, it is very smooth and easy to follow as the pace is suitable. Finally, this stop motion animation has given me some ideas as it proves that many different materials can be used and the story line can be simple and still be creative.

I have chosen to discuss this video because the title seemed very intriguing; ‘Magic Water’. The actual video flow very well and the timing is perfect for the actions in the video. The actual stop motion seems very difficult to do but the video makes it flow very smoothly and it is extremely clever. I have learnt from this video that there are so many ideas, complicated or simple that can work well using stop motion.


Group Stop Motion



Stop Motion Homework Plan:

For my stop motion I am going to use pieces of paper and cut out people to portray a stick man dancing, the paper person will be embarking on a journey on the canvas showing the paper stick man dancing. Depending on the light, the camera settings will change, the images will have a shallow depth of field to ensure everything is in focus (f/8) and the shutter speed will be very fast again so everything is in focus (1/60). I will do it on a plain background to show off the subject more clearly. The only props I need will be pieces of paper, a pen and a plain background and a bright lamp. I will also use bright lighting and I will just do the stop motion in my house or garden. From the stop motion I did today I have decided that I will take roughly around 120 frames and merge them as a frame every half a second.


Individual Stop Motion




In last weeks session we had to work in small groups and create a stop motion animation video, in our group we cam up with an idea to promote different shoes, with the message ‘everyone is different and that’s okay’. To do this we used a set of stairs as our background. On the stairs each member of the group did a little dance or movement, and also more than one person at a time was on the staircase dancing together. Overall, I think the stop motion animation video came out quite well; the idea was a good one and the video ran smoothly and the timing was perfect for the notion of the video. I have learnt a lot through making this video which helped me when I made my individual stop motion animation video; I learnt about timing and the fact that the camera has to be completely still otherwise the video would come out wonky and unprofessional. I also learnt that the lighting should be the same in each frame to make the video look more smooth; as much as I enjoyed doing this stop motion animation, I was quickly aware that it could have been a lot better, but this was my first time trying it out and it came out reasonably well considering. To improve the video I would have made changes to both the aperture and ISO to make the frames as clear as possible. The camera was also slightly wonky which could have been improved if the camera position was regularly checked throughout the shoot. Also if we had more time to work on the video, our group could have added some text or background music; this may have made the video more entertaining and it would have also been useful if I already knew how to do it so editing my individual would have been simpler.

For homework we had to take pictures for our individual stop motion animation video, for my idea I chose to cut out stick men in different positions to give the illusion that they were dancing around. I also played with using text in the stop motion for the title and at the end. I thought this idea was good because it allowed me to experiment with different aspects of stop motion and it was quite an easy and reliable idea. To do my stop motion, first off all I had to draw and cut out all the letters, stick men and other objects that I was going to use in my video. Then I set up my camera on a tripod and experimented with some of the settings so the picture came out right; I used a shallow depth of field so everything was in focus (f/8)and a fast shutter speed, again to everything was clear and in focus (1/125). After my camera was set up I set up the first frame and shot a picture, then the second frame and so on. This stop motion video was very different from the group experiment because objects were used instead of people and the video was all down to my own ideas as opposed to a contribution of ideas. There are also some similarities between the group stop motion and the individual one nevertheless, for example, the timing is very similar and the stop motion is quite jumpy as opposed to it being smooth and I believe that both the group and individual videos were very creative. My individual stop motion animation video was overall quite successful; this is due to the video being entertaining, the timing was right and it all flowed, therefore made sense. If I were to improve the video I would ensure that the camera was completely still and there was no over shadowing on the frame, this causes the different frames to have a lighter or darker background.

During the process of creating stop motions, I believe that my skills have developed, especially the technical side and using the Premier Pro programme, I have also got a better idea of timing and ensuring that the whole video makes sense/ has a purpose. If I were to create another stop motion video I would ensure that the lighting is correct and there are not shadows, I would also ensure that the camera being used is completely still. I would also like to experiment with using plasticine or clay in a stop motion; I believe I could be even more creative making a range of different shapes and moulding it onto other objects. Lastly, to refine my stop motion skills further, I will be learning to change the setting when creating a video and also I will try and come up with more creative ways to experiment with my video on Premier Pro.

Time Lapse Research

Definition:   used to refer to a ​method of ​filming very ​slow ​actions by taking a ​series of ​single ​pictures over a ​period of ​time and then putting them together to show the ​action ​happening very ​quickly.

Time Lapse Photography Nikon D3100

In the video above, a number of examples of time lapse is shown, most if not all of them are time lapses are of natural setting such as the sky.

screen shot1

The screen shot above shows the time lapse of a flower emerging from its bud. I believe this time lapse came out very successfully because it is very smooth and at a good pace.

screen shot 2.PNG

The screen shot above is from the same video, it is a landscape of a city scape, the time lapse is of the moving water and clouds. I really enjoy this time lapse because it flows smoothly and it is not too fast or slow so you can appreciate the landscape. It influences me to base my time lapse on landscape as I believe it is the most effective way of showing off time lapse.


I believe that our time lapse came out very well, it wasn’t to fast or too slow and the focal point was very clear. I believe if there was more colour in the sky the image would have been more interesting to look at but overall our time lapse was successful.


Time Lapse Homework Plan:

For my time lapse homework I will be taking creating a time lapse of ice cream melting into a bowl. I am going to do this in my home, using regular ice cream, to show off the ice cream more, I will used a brightly coloured bowl which will ensure that the ice cream can be clearly seen. I will make the stop motion have around 30 frames per second as it takes quite a while for ice cream to melt, I do not want the video to be very long.




Definition Of Shutter Related Techniques

Motion Blur photography – the apparent streaking of rapidly moving objects in a still image; this photography is taken with a slow shutter speed.

Motion blur photography is extremely effective in showing the movement of light. In the image below the bright streak of light is created by the lights of cars that have gone past. This effect has been created by a long shutter speed; this has created the atmosphere of London as a fast-moving and busy City. Looking at images such as the one below has inspired me to show off rapid movement and bright lights in my photography.


Frozen Motion photography – when a photography is captured with a fast shutter speed, therefore the subject of the image freezes in action.

Freeze motion photography is very effective when in comes to captures all aspects of objects and people moving very fast. In the image below, the destruction of crayons has been shown using very fast shutter speeds to create an image that shows every last detail of the destruction of crayons. Freeze motion photography can be used to show off a number of fast moving objects or people in a great amount of detail. The images I have researched have inspired me to think about details when photographing fast moving objects or people.


Slow Sync photography – where your camera enables you to use a flash at lower shutter speed; this creates a photograph that shows off the movement of the light.

Slow sync photography is very effective for capturing light and movement. In the image below slow sync photography has been used to show both movement and light, this has been created with a slow shutter speed to create a smooth line of luminous lighting. Slow sync photography can be used in a variety of ways, for example, slightly blurring an image to show off movement or to create light drawings. From looking at slow sync photography, I have been inspired to


Panning Photography – when the camera and subject of the image move together using a slow shutter speed so the subject is clear whilst the background is blurred.

Panning photography is again used to show of fast movement in a photograph. In the image below you can easily tell that the duck is in flight due to the blurred background; this is done using a slow shutter speed.



Group Contacts:



Best 4 Images:

Frozen Motion:




Motion Blur:



Shutter Speed Homework:


Best Images:

Slow Sync:


Frozen Motion:


Motion Blur:




After attempting my own version of shutter speed techniques, I realised that I can be a lot more difficult that it looks. Although some of my images came out a lot better than other, I believe that if I practised shutter speed related techniques more, my images could be improved.

First of all, in groups, we went to the park to try and photograph these techniques. Due to having to borrow the college cameras, which are not very technically advanced, it was very difficult to get accurate images. The frozen motion image came out okay if you consider the technicalities of the image, e.g. the setting on the camera were all correct, but the actual subject of the image does not look very effective. The image is of a roundabout spinning with two people sitting on it; I personally believe that we could have chosen a subject that would have shown off frozen motion more. Furthermore, I then attempted to create a frozen motion in the studio, I believe that this came out a bit better and you can see the movement on my subjects, but again, I could have experimented with more subjects.

The next shutter speed technique that we attempted as a group is panning photography, again, we did this in the park. I personally found this technique the most difficult, again this may have been because of the college cameras, but we did manage to photograph a panning photograph of someone running. Overall, I believe we could have done the image better but we still managed to overcome the problems and create an image. I didn’t manage to create a panning image whilst in the studio due to the lack of a creative background. If I were to do this shoot again I would try and improve the quality of my images, using a more technically capable camera.

Another shutter speed technique we had to photograph is slow sync photography. I did not manage to shoot a slow sync image in the group activity again due to the lack of technicality of the camera we were using. I did however manage to create a slow sync photograph when doing a shoot in the studio. Overall, I believe that my photograph was extremely effective in showing movement,