Experimental Shoot 1

For my first experimental shoot, I wanted to experiment with lighting when taking photographs of a ‘band’ and what could make the images look more dramatic. To do this shoot I used the studio as it is easier to experiment with different lighting as there is a lot of different types of lighting and other equipment that I could experiment with. I used a black background in all of my images as I wanted a plain tone to bring out my models and because I feel that black is a very dramatic colour as opposed to a white background. On the other hand, If I were to do this shoot again, I would experiment with a white background as well because after looking through my images some of my models were wearing black so they blended in with the background colour.

As you can see from the contact sheets, it took me quite a while of experimenting with different lighting arrangements and settings of my camera, through the contacts sheet you can see that the lighting improves, however, the images are still very dark; this was easily fixed with editing them on PhotoShop.


These are my final images. I believe that they came out very well, especially after editing them. To edit them I adjusted the levels and curves to ensure that the exposure was balanced and then I changed them to black and white; this made them look more dramatic and also makes the ‘band’ look more serious and artistic.



The photograph below is my favourite image; this is because of the composition used, I believe out of all the images, this looks most like a band photograph.DSC_2713copyDSC_2719copy

The image below is my least favourite image; this is because the subjects of the photograph are not symmetrical so it looks quite messy. If I were to improve this image I would make the subjects in line with each other.  DSC_2735copy

Overall, I believe this shoot went reasonable well, however I wish I experimented with different backgrounds and ensured that the compositions in my images were even and symmetrical.


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