Brief Comparison

Photographer 1 -Bill Cramer

Bill Cramer was assigned a photography brief from Assistant Photo Editor Lisa Parisi, who asked him to photograph a computer scientist at Carnegie Melon University in Pittsburgh for an article they were were going to put in a magazine about robots. Cramer received a Call Sheet with all the details of the shoot; this included contact information for the subject list of situations they wanted to cover along with 30 photographs to show examples of their idea of a successful environmental portrait. However, she did point out that if her expectations didn’t match up with the reality of the situation, Cramer was free to take photographs in whatever direction deemed appropriate.

Cramer was given a budget of £1500. Lisa would also cover hotel, mileage, parking, tolls and meals. He stated that all payments in terms of travel cost were arranged for by the publisher, as were the payments for the location, lighting and studio. Cramer wrote that his models/talents would be asked to sign releases by the photographer during the shoot, to gain the rights to use their faces or bodies in his images, ensuring that the permission would not be revoked at any point.

Overall, I believe that Cramer’s  brief was successful in ensuring that all his needs were met and that he received suitable payment for his photography.

Manuela Veloso, Carnegie Mellon University robotics

Manuela Veloso, Carnegie Mellon University robotics

Photographer 2 – Charley Smith

Charley Smith is a wedding photographer who has also supplied a specific contract for clients who wish to use his photography services. Like Cramer, Smith has certain responsibilities that he must fulfil before, during and after shooting for his clients. To ensure all these needs are met, he has a contract, his contract includes; time and date of the shoot, and the people behind the wedding photographs. In the contract, Smith states that the client is responsible for all travel costs as well as any equipment, props or accommodations that may be required, similar to Cramer. Smith always requires the client gives him a hot meal during the day of the shoot; this is because the wedding shoots is most likely to last all day.

Smith has done a vast amount of wedding photography so it is safe to assume that his brief contract works extremely well. Overall, both photographers have met their briefs and understood the requirements of what is expected of them. Whilst Cramer supplied examples of the photographs how took in the shoot that the brief refers to, Smith gave more detail in terms of what responsibilities he had.


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