Album Cover Research

This is the album cover for the famous Beatles album, Abbey Road. The photographer Iain Macmillan was only given ten minutes to take this image whilst he stood on a step-ladder and a policeman held up the traffic. The image was taken in 1969, using a Hasselblad camera with a 50mm wide-angle lens, he used a aperture of f22 and the shutter speed was 1/500 seconds.

This is the album cover for Vampire Weekend’s album, Contra. The cover is a polaroid image of Anne Kirsten Kennis taken over 30 years ago by her mother. After researching this album cover, I had learned that Vampire Weekend used this picture without permission, leading to a lawsuit, therefore, it is hard to know the exact reason behind using this image. Furthermore, this image is a successful album cover image because it reflects the music that Vampire Weekend play, although it does not show an image of the actual band, the meaning of the word contra, meaning against or opposite, is shown off in the album cover because of the old fashioned style of the image.

This is the album cover for Oasis’, (What’s The Story) Morning Glory, it was taken in the mid-nineties by photography and graphic designer, Brian Canon. It was shot on a film camera, opposed to a digital camera. The image was taken in Soho, London. Originally it was supposed to be Liam and Noel


This is the artwork from Queen’s album Queen II, the photograph was taken by Mick Rock, in a studio setting with a black background. This is Queen’s most iconic album cover. Originally they were not going to use it as they thought it was too pretentious, as when this album came out they were not as big as they are now.


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