Time & Movement Evaluation

For my final movie, I used both time lapse and stop motion to create an informational advert to discourage people from binge drinking. My target audience was students, and young adults who tend to drink more, as they are more vulnerable to the concept of alcohol.

The video was 90 seconds long with a total of 5 scenes. The first scene was a time lapse of a clock going round and also a stop motion of a bottle of alcohol getting more and more empty. Overall I believe this scene went very well as it showed the audience that a bottle of alcohol can be drunk in a very short space of time; this scene was to encourage the audience also to not drink a whole bottle of rum, or any alcohol all at once and so quickly. Furthermore, I believe that this message was very clear and there is an element of shock in this scene. However, if I were to improve this first scene, I would make sure the bottle of alcohol was in the same position for each shot to make it look a bit clearer, however, as the bottle I used had a massive label on it, it was somewhat difficult to show the drink looking more and more empty.

In the second scene, I used stop motion to show a person looking extremely drunk and ill, this scene lasted about 30 seconds, to show the dangers of drinking a lot of alcohol in a very small space of time. Again, I believe I got the message across very well, as it was clear that the person in the video was not having a good time, I chose to do this to show the audience the bad effects of binge drinking. I used 5 frames per second in this shoot, to show both the slow reaction times the person has and to show the audience the drastic effects of binge drinking and what it does to your body.

For the third scene, I used stop motion to further show the horrible effects of binge drinking; this scene was set in a bathroom, with the person looking into the mirror, whilst having blurred vision; this scene was set in a bathroom to show off one of the horrible places you could end up when being drunk, it was also to show that the person looking in the mirror is reflecting on their previous actions of drinking a vast amount of alcohol in a very short space of time. Overall, I believe this scene went very well as the blurred effect came out effectively without it seeming like it was accidental. However, if I could improve this scene I would make it more obvious that it was set in a bathroom, as it is not clear, due to the reflection in the mirror other than the person is not clear due to the blurriness of the frames.

In the forth scene, the character of my film is shown passed out on her bed with the room spinning around her and again, the character will be looking very ill and dizzy; this, I believe was the scene that came out the best because of the  effective that it will have on the audience, the character in my final movie looks very distressed and I believe that this will teach the viewers of my video not to binge drink and to be very careful when drinking.

In the final scene, there is a text bubble with the slogan ‘Binge drinking is not smart thinking’; this is also accompanied by some dramatic music playing in the background whilst, this scene goes on for about 20 seconds whilst the slogan merges into the background of my character still laying in bed, I believe this scene is also effective because it ties up  the points of my entire video. However, if I were to improve this scene, I could have somehow turned this scene into either a stop motion or a time lapse to show off further my skills.

Overall, I believe my final movie came out very well, I believe it shows off the desired message in an effective way, without being to disturbing. My aim was to get this message across to young people, and I believe the theme was very suitable and the way I presented it was suitable for young people, who are new to the experience of drinking. However, if I were to make this movie again, I would try and add more sounds to it, possible some music or a voice over, although this movie did put the point and idea across very well.




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