Footsteps Evaluation

For my final photo shoot, I did a shoot inspired by Rankin. To do this I took some portrait in the same bold style as Rankin would. Overall, I believe my shoot came out extremely well as it is obvious that the shoot was inspired by Rankin; this is because of the bold lighting and the composition of the model being very central and up close to the camera. Here are a few of my final images:

Rankin’s style is very bold and in your face, I really enjoy his work because of his unique and creative twist on portrait photography. To do this shoot, I had to do a vast amount of research using many different sources, from different websites, to books and magazine articles. Overall, I believe that websites were the most useful form of gathering information due to, the amount of different websites that can be accessed with just a click of a mouse in a very small amount of time. When looking on the internet for different information about Rankin, I could access his own personal website, his wikipedia page (although not the most reliable) and also dozens of interviews and magazine articles about both his life and his photography. On the other hand, I believe that books were the least reliable source; this is due to the lack of books on Rankin in the college library, and the content within the books, when finally being able to see his book, they were mostly just a picture book of all his work as opposed to information about his life and the style of his work, however, the images in his books were very clear and it was extremely reliable to ensure the images were actually his.

Moving on from this, I was able to complete my final shoot, I now knew his style and his themes that he liked to stick to throughout his work and I was also able to find out about what technical settings he used on his cameras were, e.g. shutter speeds, aperture, ISO. I was also able to find pout that he did the majority of his work in a studio, which is were I did my work. When comparing my images to those of Rankin’s, there are both similarities and differences. On obvious difference is the level of makeup that my models are using compared to his, this is due to the expenses and also the amount of time and preparation that we both had, obviously, Rankin would have been able to hire a professional makeup artist on his extensive budget, whilst I could only use my own skills, which were not very good. However, our work does have some similarities, such as the bold lighting and the studio setting which makes our models stand out. However, my shoot definitely could be improved, with developing my skills in using studio light and also having more advanced studio lighting as i expect Rankin had access too.



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