Final Movie

For my final movie I will be doing an informational advert to encourage people to cut down their drinking habits. I have chosen this topic to explore because I have never done anything like this before and I would like to try something new to photograph. In my past photography briefs I have only ever done creative shoots and I would like to try to do something informative instead. The target audience for my movie is going to be young adults, such as university students who tend to go out and drink alcohol, also those who are new to the concept of alcohol, for example, those who have just turned 18, or those who don’t have much experience with drinking.

In my video I am going to do both time lapse and stop motion to portray the dangers of excessive drinking. In the first part of my video there will be a stop motion of a bottle of drink quickly getting drunk and a time lapse of a clock showing how long the person has been drinking , this part of my movie will go on for about 10-20 seconds, there will be about 30 frames per second, ensuring that it is shown that a lot of alcohol has been consumed. The setting will be in a bedroom; which could show the dangers of binge drinking. The subject of my images will also be quite young, 18 or 19, again to show the target audience and to further the idea of the severity of the problem.

The second part of my video will be about the effects of alcohol on this person, in the stop motion you will clearly be able to tell that the subjects are very intoxicated. The overall point of the video will be to show the dangers of drinking excessively. To show this the images will be very blurred and fuzzy and the stop motion will show off how the person is seeing things. There will also be a scene in the bathroom where the subject is looking into the bathroom mirror and increasingly becoming more and more unwell. Although this time there will be less frames per second; this could suggest how dizzy and unreactive the drunk person is.



Video Research:

This is an example of an advertisement showing binge drinking awareness. In this video it shows off the bad affects of drinking too much alcohol. This has given me a few ideas for my own time lapse/stop motion video, as the main objective of the video is to show people the dangers of binge drinking which is exactly what this video does.


In the screenshot above, you can see that the girl has sick in her hair; this shows off the dangerous and disgusting effects of binge drinking. The message of this particular video is ‘You wouldn’t start a night like this so why end it that way?’. Just like the video above I want my time lapse/stop motion to show off the dangers. Although this video is about a very serious topic, it also has an undertone of humour, which again, I would like to include in my video as well. Overall, this video has inspired a few ideas that I would like to include in my video.

Photographer Research:

The images below were captured by Peter Dench. He created a photo-diary of Anglo-Celtic drunkenness. These photographs inspire my final movie because they document what really happens when people get drunk, it is more reliable than the advertisements because the images are from a photo-diary and the scenes are not staged. I believe that the concept has a humorous side to it, but the only problem is that the images don’t necessarily show off the bad effects of drinking, but the show off the funny side. These photographs however,  still has inspired me to be more creative when thinking of the effects that binge drinking can have on a person.



Technical Considerations:

  • In scene 1 there will be more frames per second to show the speed that the person is drinking and how fast time is going.
  • In scene 2 there will be less frames per second to so the drunk persons reactions and to ensure that the frames are quite blurred, fuzzy and slow moving.
  • In scene 3 there will also be less frames per second for the exact same reason as in scene 2.
  • Again, in scene 4 there will be not as many frames per second as there were in scene 1.
  • In the final scene, there will just be text shown on the screen, and then it will blur out and that will be the end of my final movie.


Storyboard: Image-Pack-final-movie-storyboard.png



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