Definition Of Shutter Related Techniques

Motion Blur photography – the apparent streaking of rapidly moving objects in a still image; this photography is taken with a slow shutter speed.

Motion blur photography is extremely effective in showing the movement of light. In the image below the bright streak of light is created by the lights of cars that have gone past. This effect has been created by a long shutter speed; this has created the atmosphere of London as a fast-moving and busy City. Looking at images such as the one below has inspired me to show off rapid movement and bright lights in my photography.


Frozen Motion photography – when a photography is captured with a fast shutter speed, therefore the subject of the image freezes in action.

Freeze motion photography is very effective when in comes to captures all aspects of objects and people moving very fast. In the image below, the destruction of crayons has been shown using very fast shutter speeds to create an image that shows every last detail of the destruction of crayons. Freeze motion photography can be used to show off a number of fast moving objects or people in a great amount of detail. The images I have researched have inspired me to think about details when photographing fast moving objects or people.


Slow Sync photography – where your camera enables you to use a flash at lower shutter speed; this creates a photograph that shows off the movement of the light.

Slow sync photography is very effective for capturing light and movement. In the image below slow sync photography has been used to show both movement and light, this has been created with a slow shutter speed to create a smooth line of luminous lighting. Slow sync photography can be used in a variety of ways, for example, slightly blurring an image to show off movement or to create light drawings. From looking at slow sync photography, I have been inspired to


Panning Photography – when the camera and subject of the image move together using a slow shutter speed so the subject is clear whilst the background is blurred.

Panning photography is again used to show of fast movement in a photograph. In the image below you can easily tell that the duck is in flight due to the blurred background; this is done using a slow shutter speed.



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Frozen Motion:




Motion Blur:



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Slow Sync:


Frozen Motion:


Motion Blur:




After attempting my own version of shutter speed techniques, I realised that I can be a lot more difficult that it looks. Although some of my images came out a lot better than other, I believe that if I practised shutter speed related techniques more, my images could be improved.

First of all, in groups, we went to the park to try and photograph these techniques. Due to having to borrow the college cameras, which are not very technically advanced, it was very difficult to get accurate images. The frozen motion image came out okay if you consider the technicalities of the image, e.g. the setting on the camera were all correct, but the actual subject of the image does not look very effective. The image is of a roundabout spinning with two people sitting on it; I personally believe that we could have chosen a subject that would have shown off frozen motion more. Furthermore, I then attempted to create a frozen motion in the studio, I believe that this came out a bit better and you can see the movement on my subjects, but again, I could have experimented with more subjects.

The next shutter speed technique that we attempted as a group is panning photography, again, we did this in the park. I personally found this technique the most difficult, again this may have been because of the college cameras, but we did manage to photograph a panning photograph of someone running. Overall, I believe we could have done the image better but we still managed to overcome the problems and create an image. I didn’t manage to create a panning image whilst in the studio due to the lack of a creative background. If I were to do this shoot again I would try and improve the quality of my images, using a more technically capable camera.

Another shutter speed technique we had to photograph is slow sync photography. I did not manage to shoot a slow sync image in the group activity again due to the lack of technicality of the camera we were using. I did however manage to create a slow sync photograph when doing a shoot in the studio. Overall, I believe that my photograph was extremely effective in showing movement,













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